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Street and Park Lighting Columns Market in Russia

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Direct INFO presents this Russian Market Report that contains the analysis of the Russian Market for Street and Parking Light Columns.

This report analyzes the Russian markets for street and park lighting columns in monetary and natural terms. The market is analyzed by the following product types:
1. Columns for street and park lights, 3-6m
•    metal, including aluminum,
•    composite
•    concrete
•    wood and other possible materials
2. Columns for road and highways, > 6m (the same materials)
3. Lamp module, type of light source.
Period of research: 2012-2014 (updated data provided with new order)

1 Market quantitative estimations
1.1 Value of market
1.2 Estimated structure of lighting columns market by materials
1.3 Number of columns including replacement and new installation plans
1.4 Market of luminaries
2 Main market players and prices
2.1 Main local producers
2.2 Foreign suppliers
2.3 Russian trading companies
2.4 Customers of target products
2.5 Production cost and selling price
3 Related topics
3.1 Required quality certifications/type approvals
3.2 Service and maintenance agreements
3.3 Trends
3.4 Environmental impact
3.5 Statistics of accidents involving vehicle crashing into light columns
3.6 Exhibitions, fairs, trade shows that can be related with lighting columns market
APPENDIX 1. Trading companies
APPENDIX 2. Customers of target products


Size of report:

Originally 50 pages long. Your update may vary in size as you select different report goals and methods.

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