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Russian Importers and Distributors of High End Curtains, Furniture and Kitchenware

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Direct INFO presents this Russian Market Report which provides  in-depth details of the import statistics of high end distributors and importers.


The main goal of this research is to identify no less than 15 companies in each of such categories as importers of high-end curtains, importers of high-end furniture and importers of high-end kitchenware, and to provide their contact details and details of their imports statistics. The country of import destination is Russia. Period of analysis is last 5 years.

The present report consists of this Introduction and 3 parts.

Chapter 1 provides contact information and imports statistics of 16 companies, which imported high-end curtains into Russia during the analyzed period. The category curtains include curtains itself and textile materials for curtains’ tailoring.
Chapter 2 provides contact information and imports statistics of 17 companies, which imported high-end furniture into Russia during the analyzed period. The category high-end furniture includes all types of furniture for corporate clients as well as for home interiors.
Chapter 3 provides contact information and imports statistics of 15 companies, which imported high-end kitchenware into Russia during the analyzed period. The category kitchenware includes tableware (plates, glasses, cups, forks & spoons) and cookware.


  • Official Customs Committee data
  • Official Rosstat Data
  • Open Sources


1.  Importers of high-end Curtains
1.1 LLC ST-Contract
1.2 LLC Baucentre
1.3 LLC Dimetra       
1.4 LLC Laverna      
1.5 LLC Modniy Uyut
1.6 LLC Opus Deco
1.7 LLC Ruger
1.8 LLC Exclusive Next        
1.9 LLC Bior 
1.10 LLC Domashniy Interjer        
1.11 LLC Kovry         
1.12 LLC Elite-Style
1.13 LLC Ljurana   
1.14 LLC Prezenta  
1.15 LLC Homtex     
1.16 LLC Ado-Rus    
2. Importers of High-End Furniture
2.1 LLC Astrade       
2.2 LLC Avalon TransGroup
2.3. LLC Bene Moscow      
2.4 LLC BuroMebel  
2.5 LLC Casa V        
2.6 LLC Intersit          
2.7 LLC Art Style Mart - Mobel Russland   
2.8 CJSC TD Medvedkovo
2.9 LLC MiniMe     
2.10 LLC Oasis      
2.11 LLC Office Solutions 
2.12 CJSC ORT-Mebel      
2.13 LLC Relay         
2.14 LLC Stil Zhizni International     
2.15 LLC Tango        
2.16 LLC Trade-Market    
2.17 LLC Exclusive Next    
3. Importers of High-End Kitchenware
3.2 LLC Zepter International          
3.3 LLC Tupperware
3.4 LLC Toris  
3.6 LLC OptDesign 
3.7 LLC Nash Dom  
3.8 LLC Intempo      
3.9 LLC Grand-International      
3.10 LLC DP-Trade  
3.11 LLC ARS-2001   
3.12 CJSC TD Saksonia-Farfor     
3.13 CJSC Stockmann       
3.14 LLC Casa V      
3.15 LLC Exclusive Next     


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