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Overview of the Russian Market for Low Voltage Soft Starters

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Direct INFO presents this Russian Market Report which analyses the Russian Market for Low Voltage Soft Starters.

The main goal of this research is to provide information concerning:

  • estimation of Russian market volume of low-voltage soft starter and market shares of key players on period 2008-2010 (updated data provided with new order);
  • forecast of growth market till 2015 (updated data provided with new order);
  • definition of major trends in the market soft starters and unmet needs in the medium term (3-5 years);
  • definition of consumer attitudes toward a conclusion to the Russian market a new series soft starters with two-phase control for rated currents from 37 to 370A under the trademark "ABB."

Geographic market

Russia, including conducting a survey of consumers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara and Rostov.

Key Products

Low-voltage soft starter assembly

Segmentation of target products by currents

  • from 3 to 47 А;
  • from 47,1 to 105 А;
  • from 105,1 to 370 А;
  • from 370,1 to 1810 А;

Reporting period

2008–2010, forecast till 2015

Target company-consumers

  • Vodokanals:
    1. water supply, water treatment (water intake facilities, water stations, treatment facilities, booster pumping stations);
    2. sewerage (sewage pumping stations, treatment plants).
  • Boilers, combined heat and power station (industrial and civil).
  • End-users: industry, civic and commercial facilities (shopping malls, sports facilities, hotels, ).

Main Target Companies

  • ABB
  • Schneider Electric
  • Siemens
  • Danfoss
  • WEG
  • Emotron
  • Allen Bradley
  • Moeller
  • other

Methodology and sources of information

Desk research: in-depth cross analysis of official and open sources such as:

  • official government information;
  • official statistics on trade (customs);
  • official statistics on supply (RosStat data, industry data);
  • reports on relevant subjects;
  • industry databases;
  • publications in specialized press;
  • company reports;
  • information from main market players and suppliers;
  • published expert interviews;
  • Direct INFO internal databases etc.

If statistical data are not available, Direct INFO has used own estimations.

Field research (expert interviews). Developing questionnaire and interviews with company representatives, consumers and professionals working with the target hardware. Assessing opportunities and developing recommendations for entering the market of a new series soft starters with two-phase control of the trade mark XXX

Monetary units

An assessment of the market is given in producer prices (excluding VAT). Prices for imports are declared in the price, including customs fees. Prices for products produced in Russia are in the selling prices of producers, i.e., do not include markups of distributors and wholesalers.


1. The Russian Market of Low Voltage Soft Starters in 2008 - 2010 (updated data provided with new order)
2. Main Players (Manufacturers) and Their Share of the Market
3. Import of Low Voltage Soft Starters
3.1 Schnieder Electric
3.2 Siemens AG
3.3 Danfoss
3.4 ABB
3.5 Emotron AB
3.6 Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley)
3.7 WEG
3.8 Aucom Electronics Ltd
3.9 Moeller (Eaton)
3.10 General Electric
3.11 Other Manufacturers
4. Main Russian and Chinese Manufacturers
4.1 Russian Manufacturers
4.2 Chinese Manufacturers
5. Export
6. Market Forecast till 2015
7 Poll: Consumer Preferences
7.1 Current State of the Companies using Soft Starters
7.2 Key Trends of Selection and Use of Soft Starters
7.2.1 Selection Criteria
7.2.2 The advantages of usage
7.2.3 Selection difficulties
7.2.4 Problems in operation
7.2.5 Built-in functions
7.2.6 Two-phase control
7.3 Launching a New Soft Starter Series with Two-Phase Control in Russia
7.4 Consumer Profile
7.5 Survey Conclusions and Recommendations
8. Appendix


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