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Human Vaccines Market in Russia

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Direct Info presents this Russian Market Report that analyses the Russian market for Human Vaccines in monetary and natural terms.


This report analyzes the Russian markets for Human Vaccines in monetary and natural terms in 2011 (updated data provided with new order).

Research Objectives:

  1. General market description: diseases included into annual calendar, share of pediatric vaccination and of influenza vaccination in total volume, distribution channels, budget holders, law regulation, share of state enterprises in local production, ease of entry to the market, etc.
  2. Market definition: key players – corporations and manufacturers, competitive brands, sales value and volume by max split available (by diseases/ by manufacturer/ brand// by country/ region, etc).
  3. Price structure.
  4. Forecast: projections for main vaccination segments (pediatric, influenza, other prophylactic), inclusion of new indications into annual calendar, private commercial vaccination outlook, entry of new players, products currently in the registration process, market value/volume forecast, etc.


  1. Law regulation
  2. National Vaccination Calendar
  3. Calendar vaccination on epidemic indications
  4. Development of vaccination in Russia and other countries
  5. The structure government funding of drug supply in Russia
  6. Government procurement of medicines
  7. Dynamics of vaccine market for segment of mass immunization
  8. Vaccine market for segment of mass vaccination
  9. Sales volume by diseases
  10. Sales volume by brand
  11. Sales volume by manufacturer
  12. Import volume by diseases
  13. Import volume by brand
  14. Import volume by manufacturer
  15. Import volume by country of origin
  16. Import volume by manufacturer, brand and receiver
  17. Volume of domestic production by manufacturer
  18. Volume of domestic production by diseases
  19. Volume of domestic production by brand
  20. Largest Budget Holders for all vaccines
  21. Largest Budget Holders for Vaccines against influenza
  22. Largest distributors of vaccines
  23. Price structure
  24. Product currently in the registration process or clinical studies
  25. Information about the registration process
  26. The current vaccination strategy of infectious diseases in Russia
  27. General express forecast
  28. Registered vaccine for children
  29. State Register of limiting producer prices for vaccines included in the list of vital and essential drugs

Size of report:

Originally 28 pages long. Your update may vary in size as you select different report goals and methods.

Next step:

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