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High-Speed Steel Metal Cutting Tools

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Direct Info presents this Russian Market Report which analyses the Russian market for High-Speed Steel (HSS) metal cutting tools in monetary and natural terms.


This report analyzes the Russian markets for High Speed Steel (HSS) Metal Cutting Tools in monetary and natural terms. The market is analyzed by the following product types – HSS milling, drilling, tapping tools and HSS Band-Saws. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2013 through 2020. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. The main source of information were the data of the Federal Customs Service and the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information.


      1.Main trends and development of Russian market of high speed steel metal cutting tools in 2013-2015
      2.Main influencing factors (drivers and obstacles)
      3.Market size and dynamics by monetary and natural terms
        3.1 HSS Drills
        3.2 HSS Taps
        3.3 HSS Mills
        3.4 HSS Band-Saws
        1. Segmentation of HSS metal cutting tools by price
        2. Main manufacturers of HSS metal cutting tools (segmentation by tool type)
        3. Country of origin of HSS metal cutting tools
        4. Shares of HSS tools and Carbide tools on the total market of metal cutting tools
        5. Volumes and dynamics of import
        6. Import monthly and quarterly dynamics
        7. TOP-100 of foreign producers of imported HSS metal cutting tools
        8. Ranking of HSS metal cutting tools brands
        9. The most popular types of materials (kinds of steel) applied for production of HSS tools
        10. Import of steel blanks in to Russia
        11. Custom points (ports of entry), delivery terms, transport and delivery regions
        12. Major importers
        13. Main market players
                    16.1 Domestic producers who can potentially purchase steel blanks
                    16.2 Domestic end-customers who has own production of HSS tools
                    16.3 Largest distributors who can sell HSS tools on Russian market
                    16.4 Domestic end-customers of HSS tools who can potentially purchase tools
        17. Average import prices by type of tools and manufacturers
        18. Dependence of prices from material (kinds of steel)
        19. Average prices of HSS drills, taps and mills depending on diameter of drill, thread and mill
        20. Average prices for HSS band-saws for metal cutting depending on width of band-saw, gauge of plate and mark of high-speed steels
        21. Forecast of market development till the end of 2020.


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