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Gardening Equipment Market in Russia

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For millions of Russians, this may be our most important report. The Russian market for gardening equipment is a central part of "dacha life". Manufacturers, traders, suppliers and investors will want to understand the dynamics of this market beginning with number crunching, which is something we do very well. We have no choice in the matter because we simply listen to what our Clients want and we do exactly that!

Direct INFO presents the "Review of the Russian Market of Gardening Equipment", including a broad market review, foreign trade, marketing, regulations and main players involved with contact information.


The Objectives of the Study

Provide market insights useful for strategic decision makers involved with trade, manufacture or sales within Russia. Also useful information has been requested to support product promotion within Russia for the strengthening of brand position.  The areas targeted for analysis include the below topics: 

  1. Relevant economic Indicators
  2. Horticultural Activities
  3. The Sector of Machinery and Equipment
  4. Horticultural Machines for Professional and Amateurs
  5. Main Exhibitions
  6. Activities of Foreign Companies on the territory of the Russian Federation
  7. Regulatory framework, including intellectual property protection, technology transfer
  8. Environmental Protection Certification
  9. Currency System, Order Import/Export
  10. Services to Companies
  11. Useful Addresses

    Object of Research

    • Companies working in the Field of Garden Equipment

    Geographic Region

    • Russian Federation

    Target Products:

    • Gardening Equipment (most common categories)

    Target Product Categories:

    1. Lawn Aerators
    2. Leaf Blowing Machines (blowers)
    3. Garden Shredders
    4. Hedge Trimmers
    5. Electric Saws
    6. Garden Sprinklers
    7. Chainsaws
    8. Chainsaws for Pruning Twigs/Loppers
    9. Cultivators
    10. Riders
    11. Podrezcik Turf
    12. Garden Seeders
    13. Seeding for Lawns
    14. Leaf Blowers
    15. Domestic Snowplows
    16. Lawn Trimmers
    17. Garden Shears
    18. Cordless Lawn Mowers (trimmers)
    19. Lawn Mowers
    20. Electric Wheel Mechanical
    21. Mounted and Trailed Mowers
    22. Lawn Tractors
    23. Self-propelled Robot Lawn Mowers
    24. Mini-Tractors
    25. Rotary Lawn Mowers
    26. Petrol Lawn Mowers

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