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FIFA World Cup 2018 - An Investors Guide

  • €90000

Direct Info presents this Russian Market Report looks at the FIFA World Cup that is to be held in Russia 2018. It explores the cities and what opportunities are available for investors.

Purpose of this Study:

To look at investment opportunities in Russia for the FIFA World Cup


Target Areas:

  • Information on all host cities
  • Sports infrastructure
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Hotels
  • City needs

Size of report:

Originally 35 pages long. Your update may vary in size as you select different report goals and methods.

Next step:

To order this report including most recent data updated, add this to your cart and pay by bank transfer.  The updated report will be provided to you as soon as possible.

Most clients will want to customize their reports to suit their specific needs in Russia.  If this is you, please contact a Direct INFO representative for a quick response at or at the Moscow office number.

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