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Consumer Distribution Board Market

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Direct INFO presents this Russian Market Report on the Consumer Distribution Board Market in Russia including key players, main consumer characteristics, total market value, domestic production, imports and exports.


The market of consumer distribution boards is a highly competitive one, due to low entry barriers, remarkable regional separation and presence of a great number of market players with less than 5% market share.

Most of domestic consumer distribution boards’ producers are also producing other electrotechnical equipment.

The dynamics of the market are mostly driven by home construction activity in Russia and by prices for construction materials.  Direct sales of consumer distribution boards market covers around 40% of market share, the rest is distributed through producers’ dealers and distributors.  As this market is changing significantly through time, regular updates to this report will show significant shifts in competitor rankings, segment dominance, demand, supply, and other market dynamics.


Table of Contents:


Overview of consumer distribution boards’ market

  1. Dynamics and forecast of consumer distribution boards’ market
  2. Structure of consumer distribution boards’ market
    The main market players of consumer distribution boards’ market
    1. IEK (LLC Interelektrokomplekt)
    2. ABB
    3. LEGRAND
    4. DKC(CJSC Dielectricheskiye Kabelniye Sistemy)
    5. LLC NEC Morozova
    6. EKF (LLC Electrotechnical Company Flavir)
    8. LLC Alyans Profit
    9. ENERGOMERA (OJSC Concern Energomera)
    10. MOELLER
    11. OJSC Stavropol Radioplant Signal
    12. OJSC MEL
    13. OJSC DZNVA (Divnogorskiy Zavod Nizkovoltnikh Avtomatov)
    14. CJSC UZO-Electro
    15. VI-KO
    16. LLC Faber
    17. DEKRAFT (LLC Din Electro Kraft)
    19. LLC BIROS
      Analysis of the main characteristics of consumer distribution boards, preferred by customers
      1. Technical features
        1. Type of boards by material, used in production
        2. Types of boards by installation method
        3. Level of boards’ watertight protection (IP)
        4. Number of modules in boards
        5. Options in standard kit
      2. Functional features
        1. Type of boards’ cable access
        2. Type of boards’ cable entry solutions
        3. Necessity and type of doors in boards
        4. Necessity of multimedia panel in conjunction with distribution boards
      3. Perceptive features
        1. Importance of distribution boards’ design
        2. Type of distribution boards’ surface finishing
      4. Applications of distribution boards and market features
        1. The leading producers of distribution boards
        2. Motivation, when choosing distribution boardsAdditional requirements for consumer distribution boards 
      Sources of information:
      • RF External Trade official data;
      • RF State Statistics Committee’s official data;
      • Official forecasts from Ministry of Economic Development;
      • Companies’ financial data;
      • Open sources;
      • Information acquired during expert phone interviews.

      Size of report:

      Originally 60 pages long. Your update may vary in size as you select different report goals and methods.

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