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Migrant Numbers and Structure in Russia

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Direct INFO presents this Russian Market Report that covers the migrants living in Russia, broken down by country of origin and also by region of residence within Russia.  The report begins with expert opinions about the total number of estimated migrants living in Russia.

This report is a powerful communication tool showing the dynamics of Russian immigration.

The targets of the research are classified by the following categories:

Geographical Markets - Russian Federation

Targeted group: Migrants living in Russia by geographical areas:

  • Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova
  • South Caucasus
  • CIS Asia (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan,
  • Others (China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan etc.)

In preparing the report, the following sources of information

  • The data of the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Border Service
  • State Statistics Committee and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
  • Data from the World Bank and UN
  • Expert evaluation of government and public organizations

Main Sections

  1. Objectives of the study, the sources of information
  2. Conclusion Summary
  3. Migration laws and migration policy of Russia
  4. Expert interviews on migrants and illegal immigration numbers
  5. Migration statistics
  • General statistics on the number of migrants
  • Migration flows between regions and countries
  • Origin countries comparisons
  • Destination regions of Russia comparisons
  • Socio-economic characteristics of ethnic groups

There is also a special section on personal bank transfer volumes from Russia to the listed origin countries as an indicator of repatriation of funds.  This is presented in line graphs over time by country.

Size of report:

Originally 41 pages long. Your update may vary in size as you select different report goals and methods.

Next step:

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Most clients will want to customize their reports to suit their specific needs in Russia.  If this is you, please contact a Direct INFO representative for a quick response at or at the Moscow office number.

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