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About us

Dear Client,

Direct INFO is "Your Research Department". With every project, we give you control as we develop the tools you need for business success in Russia.

We began operations in 1996 with the slogan "Your Information Department" because we recognized that Clients wanted more than a report done according to a predefined recipe.  Our Clients recognized that they were unique companies, with a unique mission in a unique market segment that had unique challenges. We found that by sharing our knowledge of information and methodology, a cooperative development process could emerge that was mutually beneficial and our report quality was enhanced through this cooperation.

As we grew, we found that most Clients also wanted to employ multiple methodologies and numerous sources to achieve higher value strategic objectives in larger reports covering more targets of analysis, which enabled complex strategic objectives to be formulated when employed with solid market experiences and understanding. In summary, our Clients required us to be their research partners so that they could better apply their deep knowledge and expertise of their unique markets into more strategic business development processes. In this way, the goal of Direct INFO is to be "Your Research Partnership".

 Our core management team has been working in this direction together in Direct INFO for many years. While we recognize that there are other larger and wealthier research companies in terms of money and brand, we are honored to be the only company of our relatively small size that has served so many different globally respected companies in so many diverse markets in Russia and it has been an honor to do so.  

I hope you will allow us to put our diverse market experience to work for you. Feel free to contact me with your questions.  We love to present our experiences that are most relevant to your market segment, either in person in Moscow or via Skype call, as convenient to you. 

Kind regards,

Tate Ulsaker, Founder


Some Applications of our Research:

  • market studies
  • competitive analysis
  • due diligence
  • market penetration
  • strategic decisions
  • brand segmentation
  • distribution channel and markups evaluations
  • acquisition / partner targeting

Our Product Mix Includes:

1) Desk and field research for strategic goals
2) Standardized report templates based on statistical number crunching, useful as stand alone products and also used as components parts within larger studies
3) Monitoring of business topics with regular updates
4) Customisation of our services to your needs often brings us into new areas
* In 2006, Direct INFO was audited by Deloitte and Touche and a Euromoney subsidiary. In their report, Direct INFO was said to have the largest privately held database on Russian Business.