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Detailed Overview of Russian Economy and Policies

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Direct INFO presents this Russian Market Report on the Economy and Policies of Russia. This report analyses some of the manufacturing sectors of Russian economy, such as Electronics, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, and other key sectors.


This report analyzes some of manufacturing sectors of Russian economy, such as Electronics Manufacturing, Agriculture, Pesticides & Fertilizer manufacturing, Infrastructure, Buildings – Residential & Commercial, Conventional Energy – Manufacturing & Distribution, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas – Upstream & Downstream, FMCG – Personal Care, Healthcare, Automotive, Heavy Industries, Mining, Food and Beverage, Metallurgy, Manufacture of rubber and plastic product, Wood processing, pulp and paper industry.

Reporting materials for each of sectors separately contains the following information:

  • Investment inflow in sector – both foreign and direct
  • Sector CAGR in past 3-5 years and projections for future
  • Focused policy environment
  • Focus in Government Planning cycle
  • Bilateral treaties with other countries for growth in sector
  • Specific geographical clusters
  • Research, Development and Manufacturing trends
  • National and regional policies that create industry opportunities (clusters of investment, etc)
  • Government and private investment plans for specific industries
  • Indicators of the execution of above plans and directions
  • An understanding of the key growth industries in Russia and their regional impact
  • What type of investment can be expected for key growth industries (research, development, manufacturing)
  • Other indices and parameters indicating current & future size / growth / potential of target manufacturing sector
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

Period of analysis is 2009-2013 and forecasts of future development until 2020 (on base of official published information), (updated data provided with new order).


  1. Introduction
  2. Glossary
  3. Oil & Gas – Upstream & Downstream
  4. Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  5. Automotive
  6. Mining
  7. Metallurgy
  8. Conventional energy – manufacturing & distribution
  9. Agriculture
  10. Renewable energy
  11. Electronics manufacturing
  12. Pesticides & fertilizer manufacturing
  13. Infrastructure
  14. Buildings – residential & commercial
  15. FMCG – Personal care
  16. Healthcare
  17. Heavy industries
  18. Food and beverages
  19. Wood processing, pulp and paper industry
  20. Aggregated indicators for all industries
  21. Conclusions and recommendations
  22. appendix: List of State Target Programs

Size of report:

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