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There is only one Mother Russia!

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

Russia - the wealthiest country on the planet. The population is educated and sparse, the natural resources are plentiful, there is a robust and growing demand market, industry is diverse and developed to a high level with plenty of room to grow.

Sadly, the western globalists who run politics and media seem determined to agitate Russia into provocation. I would advise against trying to Iraq-Russia or Halliburton-Russia into a failed state towards established patterns of vulture capitalism. This strategy against Russia seems very unwise to me.

We will all be better off to let international businesses independently engage Russia towards mutually beneficial partnerships that secure their long term interests, and thus serve our own long term interests a lot better than what the western globalist are able to manage using such nefarious institutions as the US Department of Defense (perhaps should be renamed to Offense?) and the mainstream "fake news" media.

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