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"The New Eurasian Century" Replacing "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC)

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

"The New Eurasian Century" set to replace the "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC)


The world geopolitical and economic center is shifting east.  The multi-polar vision of BRICS is replacing the New World Order vision of the US and NATO alliances.  With that, the Petroyuan is replacing much of the Petrodollar's status as the global currency of reserve. What do these directions offer and how do they differ?  Does the world want more "New Silk Roads" under Eurasian leadership or do we want more "Wars of Terror" under US domination? Perhaps a brighter future is rising in the east?  In the below article from F. William Engdahl, describes how the union of China and Russia is challenging US domination with a stronger and more inclusive economic model, replacing the latter's increasing emphasis on the war economy.



We Should Take the Latest China-Russia Challenge to the Dollar Seriously - Russia-Insider

"BRI and a Gold-Backed Silk Road

"Until recently Washington think tanks and the Government have sneered at the emerging Eurasian institutions such as SCO. Unlike BRICS which is not made up of contiguous countries in a vast land-mass, the SCO group forms a geographic entity called Eurasia. When Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the creation of what then was called the New Economic Silk Road at a meeting in Kazakhstan in 2013, few in the West took it seriously. The name officially today is the Belt, Road Initiative (BRI). Today, the world is beginning to take serious note of the scope of the BRI.


"What until now was vitally needed, but not clear, was a strategy to get the nations of Eurasia free from the dollar and from their vulnerability to further US Treasury sanctions and financial warfare based on their dollar dependence. This is now about to happen.


"China Yuan Oil Futures

"According to a report in the Japan Nikkei Asian Review, China is about to launch a crude oil futures contract denominated in Chinese yuan that will be convertible into gold. This, when coupled with other moves over the past two years by China to become a viable alternative to London and New York to Shanghai, becomes really interesting."

...the saner elements of this world are about building constructive, peaceful alternatives. They are even open to admit Washington, under honest rules, to join them. That’s remarkably generous isn’t it?"


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