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Stan and Tate Discuss Opportunities Arising From G20, 2017

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

Welcome Back!

Since the G20, there have been a few optimistic developments that may add to the momentum of Russia's economic rebound. I touched on many issues of geopolitics as they relate to economics and a better future. Stan joins me to develop foreign investor strategies.


Contact information below show links.

--- The Hill - “Trump: Meeting with Putin ‘tremendous ‘.

--- Stephen Lendman: “The agendas of both countries are world’s apart. Russia champions world peace and stability. America wants unchallenged global dominance, aggressive wars its main strategy of choice – Russia and China on its target list for regime change.”

--- Off Guardian - "Multipolar World Arrives: Russia, China Face Down US Bully"

--- The Duran  - “7 things you need to know about the results of the Trump-Putin meeting” "Lavrov stated that the US has agreed on the importance of respecting Syrian sovereignty...Trump more or less told Putin, ‘Assad can and will stay’."

--- South Front - "Tillerson said... “Maybe they’ve got the right approach and we’ve got the wrong approach”.

--- Vladimir Goldstein - "That was what Russians call "razvedka boem" that is, "reconnaissance through a skirmish." You try out your opponent through some fire exchange."

--- RT - ‘Must keep cool heads’: Putin & S. Korea’s Moon discuss Pyongyang at G20   

--- RT - Germany is ‘committing suicide’ by not allowing me to speak to Turks during G20 – Erdogan

--- Live Mint: “Saudi Arabia’s king Salman cancels visit to G20 summit: after rending out Hamburg’s luxury Four Seasons hotel in its entirety for the king and his delegation.”

--- News Hub: “President Trump can't find hotel room in Hamburg”

--- Independent: Melania Trump 'trapped in hotel' as protesters surround building at G20

--- RT: “Water cannon, torched cars: Protests rage in Hamburg for 2nd day as G20 summit kicks off Berlin and Baden-Württemberg –

--- The Moscow Times: "The Moscow Metro will open 63 new stations and add 142 kilometers of track, an increase by 142 kilometers and growing by 150% by 2021."

--- Additional observations: Violence was incited against alternative news reporter Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange. My hat goes off to Luke for keeping a cool head.


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