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Russia Receives Unexpected Help to Create Multi-Polar World Economy

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

Sanctions? What sanctions?  

Russia Receives Unexpected Help to Create Multi-Polar World Economy

Sanctions?  What Sanctions?

Which country helped Russia to complete a record-breaking Chinese deal to transfer 33 billion cubic feet of natural gas annually over the next 30-years, or about 21% of what Europe receives from Russia in one deal?  The answer may surprise you.


Quote from Paul Goncharoff's article in Russia-Insider:

"70 Caterpillar 336DL hydraulic excavators, and 50 of their huge D9R bulldozer excavators are built in China, with some components and final assembly done at Caterpillar’s St. Petersburg Russian factory. The fifty bulldozers are all 100% made in Illinois, do the math... countries that come under the umbrella of the EU, or are allied with the US in Asia (Volvo, JCB, Komatsu, Liebherr, etc.…) might scratch their heads and ask if this is free and fair trade? Why not us, we’re right next door? After all, the initiator and coordinator of sanctions against trading with Russia is our friend the USA." "

Total pipeline span is a length of 3,000 kilometers and measuring 1,420 mm in diameter, the pipeline has an export capacity of 38 billion cubic meters per year. This is a 30-year sales and purchase agreement between Gazprom and China National Petroleum (CNPC)."

Europe Left out in the Cold as Russia, China Ink 30-Year Energy Agreement

33 bcm to China compared to 178 bcm to Europe = 21% Gasprom numbers here -->

Earlier reports have stated that bilateral trade volume could reach 68 billion cubic meters, double the above numbers.

Up to 68 billion cubic meters in Gas annually would be over 40% of European Exports if Realized.

Up to 68 billion cubic meters of Russian gas annually would equal over 40% of European gas exports if realized.

50 huge CAT D9R bulldozers

 "70 Caterpillar 336DL hydraulic excavators, and 50 of their huge D9R bulldozers" used to bring Russian gas to Chinese industry.

70 CAT 336DL hydraulic excavators

Perhaps it is appropriate to consider Lenin's famous quote about crony capitalism greedily selling rope to their own hangman:

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