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Making gas is better than making war - Tate Ulsaker

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Making gas is better than making war

Russia Conquers Sanctions through Inclusive Infrastructure Developments -  Again

A daring new energy project breathes new life into the continuing saga of Russian sanctions busting.

Making new friends and overcoming larger enemies through economic cooperation rather than direct confrontation, the master class of judo statesmanship is given to the world by President Putin.

When large western "Globalist" interests join hands and attack Russia with diverse threats, Putin responds with a "middle way", turning western aggression into Russian national benefits - seemingly without breaking a sweat.

Making gas is better than making war 

Even western mainstream news can't hide the facts any longer. Simple keyword searches through the news reveal Russia has consistently overcome unjust sanctions using higher moral ground of cooperation rather than war, and has made many friends in the process...


Story 1 - Russia Wins in Arctic After U.S. Fails to Kill Giant Gas Project - Booomberg

"...the first shipment of Yamal LNG’s gas represents a gargantuan effort from the Russian establishment to demonstrate that one of President Vladimir Putin’s flagship projects would not be derailed by sanctions. The launch of the project in the face of sanctions has helped spur Moscow’s political pivot to China, which provided much of the financing. Novatek PJSC, which controls Yamal LNG, is already talking about its next LNG project.
London Bound

"The first cargo is on board a tanker headed for a port near London, helping the U.K. to cope with cold winter weather and an unplanned shutdown of a clutch of its own North Sea fields. That the gas will end up in a European country that’s backed sanctions against Russia may please many in Moscow."

Yamal LNG shipping scenarios. Source: Novatek’s Dec. 12 presentation

Story 2 - Russia Is Drilling the Arctic for Liquefied Natural Gas -

"Polar ice is melting, and the Arctic region, from North America to Russia, reveals its hidden treasures. With thinner ice and new open pathways to the deep north, drilling previously inaccessible parts of the planet has never been a more attractive pursuit...

"The project’s deputy director Dmitry Monakov said that producing LNG in permafrost was easier than in warmer climes: “Nature itself helps us to more effectively liquefy gas with the help of such low temperatures,” he told AFP.

“Together we managed to build from scratch a world-class LNG project in extreme conditions to exploit the vast gas resources of the Yamal peninsula,” he said in a company statement. While the peninsula holds massive fossil fuel reserves, it’s covered by ice for most of the year, with temperatures reaching -50° C (-58° F)...

"As the world’s biggest gas exporter, Russia makes huge profits from distributing fossil fuels to Europe, but it is also seeking to strengthen partnerships with new allies such as China, which provided finance for the new LNG plant among other projects."

Story 3 - Russia and China Claim Success at Yamal LNG - Maritime Executive

"For years now, the Russian president has been pushing the narrative that development of the Arctic will further the development of Russia. In other words, so goes the Arctic, so goes the nation...

"The Arctic is an extremely important region, which will ensure the future of our country. Mikhail Lomonosov once famously said that Russia would expand through Siberia. I can say with confidence that Russia’s power and capabilities will expand as we develop the Arctic region.”

Story 4 - Russia launches giant Yamal gas project in the Arctic -

"Yamal gas plant in Arctic Siberia, a gigantic project in one of the world's most remote areas... becomes more accessible due to climate change...

"While the Yamal peninsula has considerable hydrocarbon reserves, it is an isolated region in the Arctic circle, about 2,500 kilometres (1,550 miles) from Moscow and covered by ice for most of the year, where temperatures dip as low as -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit)...

"Despite challenging operating conditions, Yamal LNG was delivered on time and on budget," said Samuel Lussac, an oil and gas specialist at Wood Mackenzie. "That is unusual in the LNG industry."

"...Financing the project was tricky as US sanctions against Novatek made it impossible to borrow from Western banks. Eventually Chinese funds resolved the issue—a relief for Moscow, for whom the project has strategic importance."

Story 5 - China thinks big in backing Russian Arctic LNG project: Belt and Road turns north toward vast resources and key shipping route - Asian Review

"China offered a helping hand through the Silk Road Fund in 2015, providing 730 million euros ($859 million at the current rate) to Novatek. In a policy document released this past June, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute concluded that China had become the main source of funds for Russia's Arctic Ocean development, bankrolling 60% of the Yamal LNG project when you consider credit lines extended by the Export-Import Bank of China and the China Development Bank.

"China is taking advantage of the West's sanctions against Russia to make inroads in the development of Arctic natural resources...

"The Northern sea route around Siberia is also of interest to a China that has been actively expanding its maritime presence, mainly in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean."

China thinks big in backing Russian Arctic LNG project - Asian Review

Story 6 - Russia ships first gas from $27bn Arctic project - Financial Times

"Ceremonially launched by president Vladimir Putin, with the temperature touching minus 30C, an 80,000-tonne tanker designed to carve through 2.5m of ice began filling with gas at the port in Sabetta, closer to the North Pole than to Moscow.

"For almost half the year, ships filled with gas will sail east, reaching China in about 15 days: roughly half the time of the conventional route around Europe and through the Suez Canal.

“When this project began, several people made a list of reasons why it would not work. There were risks. But you can see it has been a success,” Mr Putin said. “This is a crucial event, not just for energy but for the whole use of the Arctic . . . and the northern route.”

"Mr Putin was joined by Saudi Arabia’s energy minister, Khalid al-Falih, amid talks between privately held Novatek and unnamed Saudi companies regarding their potential involvement in a second LNG project planned nearby."

With Yamal, Russia wins big in the Arctic after U.S. sanctions fail to kill its giant gas project

Story 7 - Russia Skirts U.S. Sanctions With $27 Billion Arctic Gas Plant: The Yamal project is an important step in Moscow’s efforts to build ties to China - Wall Street Journal

Story 8 - Russia to send first Arctic gas cargo to Britain in the wake of supply crisis, The Telegraph

Story 9 - Russian tanker sails through Arctic without icebreaker for first time: Climate change has thawed Arctic enough for $300m gas tanker to travel at record speed through northern sea route - The Guardian

"The tanker was built to take advantage of the diminishing Arctic sea ice and deliver gas from a new $27m facility on the Yamal Peninsula... the innovative tanker used its integral icebreaker to cross ice fields 1.2m thick, passing along the northern sea section of the route in the Russian Arctic in a record six-and-a-half days.

“It’s very quick, particularly as there was no icebreaker escort which previously there had been in journeys,” said Bill Spears, spokesperson for Sovcomflot, the shipping company which owns the tanker. “It’s very exciting that a ship can go along this route all year round.”

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