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Russian Transport & Logistics Markets - With Special Focus on Vladivostok

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

It begins with the longest railway in the world
It involves the world's fastest growing economies
And it all starts here...
The Russian Transport and Logistics market is of global economic interest long term because:
1) various One Belt and Silk Road initiatives from China are too big and too important to ignore, it could easily become the biggest shift of this century,
2) The world's economic epicenter is shifting from west to east and
3) Russia is the historic land bridge between east and west, with a special focus on the Trans-Siberian railroad.
The multi-polar world is just one belt away. One of the largest Russian economic objectives is clear: To bring the Russian Transport and Logistics market up to global standards. From that point, anything is possible. This report focuses on Vladivostok infrastructure, completed in 2014, contact us for updates. Customised reports available directly from our Moscow researchers at

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