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Russian Innovation Continues to Surprise

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

Russian company "Hoversurf" creates a drone-bike for human transportation, as well as unmanned cargo lift drones for niche logistical solutions.

"The Future is closer than it seems"

"We proposed the concept of a flying motorcycle for promotion purposes even though we know that in terms of market prospects it is heavy drones that will be in great demand," Hoversurf founder Alexander Atamanov said.

It is exciting to see a new generation of Russian entrepreneurs meet the global market in new and surprising ways.

"It’s really an international project – the guys from China make us exclusive details the guys from the US are doing design and 3D, the main team of Russia — the design calculations and programming, we test and collect prototype. In my opinion, to combine the extreme sports and the latest technology in aircraft is a great idea! We have a project with a very high level of adrenaline", says Alexander Atamanov.

One of the tag lines of the company is "The Future is closer than it seems"...

The second comment asks "And how will he drink the beer?" - typical Russian humour.
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