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Russia Enters the "Self-Teaching Robotics" Industry

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

The economic factor that may hold the most change for the future of the working world is the new birthing industry of "Self-Teaching Robotics". If you want to get a sense of what that market means to the world during the next 2 or 3 decades, just type: "robots replacing humans" or "software replacing humans". Actually it is where self-teaching software joins with multi-tasking hardware. Up to 90% of human jobs in existence won't be there any more because of this rising new industry. In other words, the world's job market is likely to change as much if not more than during the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, or the computer revolution most recently.
Russia has the technology and the ability to serve diverse markets with at least two assets that few countries can claim: endless resources and an intelligent pool of willing workers.
Those two things combined with an undervalued, over-sanctioned marketplace, a depressed currency, a stable government, and a relatively high purchase power parity (PPP) ranking, the opportunity for new entrants becomes increasingly worthy of careful investigation, to say the least.

To technically advanced countries of the world: "Think of Russia as your business partner."  As an example, look at the robot in the attached article and consider all of the different scientific and economic disciplines that would be engaged long term by so many industrial uses - both known and yet to be known in the future.

This robot is going to replace astronauts in space! This robot will be learning how to do welding jobs outside of capsules. Don't you think it can also process automobiles or farm fields, conduct search and rescue missions? Of course it can. And better those kinds of tasks than continued military competition that only leads to mutual destructive ends.

Befriending Russia in long term business makes a lot of sense to many at the expense of a few very powerful and very destructive industries that are most active today creating conflict. By the way, I wonder if F.E.D.O.R. the self-teaching robot prototype in this article is partially in reference to the greatest MMA fighter in the world: Fedor Emelianenko? Just a thought. It is always better to cooperate with Russia.

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