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Sanctions-busters Present a Defiant Act of Peace

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

It has been said before many times - Sanctions are an act of war.

Indeed, sanctions often precede wars, hurting the most vulnerable in the process.

Few people seem to realize the fact that war benefits primarily those who instigate wars to their own end.

As the money flows have indicated, western military contractors, the transnational banks and the energy companies have had windfall profits from the acquisition and sale of resources in war-torn countries where western countries, primarily the US, have been involved.

By any calculation, sanctions and war are the quickest way to distribute suffering to millions of innocent people and at the same time they have consolidated trillions of dollars into the hands of a relatively few wartime beneficiaries, many of whom have been promoting all of the supposed "altruistic" reasons for making war that have never helped spread democracy or end suffering - only the opposite.

The results of the past couldn't be clearer.  War benefits those who seek spoils of war.  Trade benefits those who seek innovative cooperation. That is why sanctions-busters like these German firms in Saxony present a refreshing act of peace between cooperative peoples and should be promoted as a better way forward than we have been shown by the effects of externally applied sanctions and wars.

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