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Research on Medical Services in Russia

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

Like many industries in Russia, the Medical Services Industry has strong indicators of decline in some ways, of stability in other ways, and growth in some respects as well.  These observations are true in nearly every market in Russia, and that is why Russia is the most dynamic market in the world, covering the largest territory and with the most opportunities and threats, all at the same time.

The presented report is a comprehensive study covering each region of Russia in tables that show the presence of doctors, sick beds university graduates and other indicators for relative bench-marking purposes.  This report also includes legal and procedural information about opening medical service centers.

There is a healthy balance of tables, graphs, descriptive text and named sources to assist with digesting the large scope of data presented in this report.

The purpose of this report is to provide actionable information useful in deciding how and where to enter or expand into the Russian medical services market. If you want to open or expand your medical services in Russia, this study will be worth updating and remember that we can adjust our research to fit your specific needs.  Unlike other report sales companies, we are in Russia doing this work in a customised way for nearly each client order.

Is Russia in decline or is Russia in the middle of reform or has Russia rebounded into growth? That depends largely on what is known about the opportunities in the market relative to what we can offer to the market.  If you are in the medical services market, you may want to have a closer look at this report.  Give us a call for clear answers to your questions.

Order updates to this report or customise contents to suit your strategy in the Russian market -->

Order updates to this report or customise contents to suit your strategy in the Russian market -->

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