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Russian Market Research of the Green Industry

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

There are more opportunities for investment within the Russian Green Industry of Russia than anywhere else on planet earth.

Renewable Energy Magazine talked to Vyacheslav Solomin, CEO of EuroSibEnergo recently, about the Green Industry in Russia. He had this to say:


"The main source of renewable energy in Russia’s energy mix is hydropower. We have about 50 GW of installed hydropower capacity what makes up over 20% of the total installed capacity; its annual production is about 180 TWh. In 2014-2015, over 1 GW of new hydro capacity was put into operation."


"We have not too much solar and wind power capacity in Russia as of now. Solar generation is about 450 MW while is less than 50 MW. Most of solar and wind power plants were launched in last 3 years following Russian government’s call to introduce renewable energy . This sector is relatively new and is only developing in Russia."


Clearly, there are many undeveloped green energy markets within the largest country on the planet. Perhaps this is a good time for us to promote our report on the Russian Green Industry, covering all of those segments mentioned above and more.

This report reviews all of the important markets within the broad category of "Green Industry". The Russian Green Industry is comprised of many distinct markets that are each quite unique from each other. This report addresses each of those markets independently. This report is useful both to new entrants and also entrenched local players.

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