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Investors Alert - Stan Grafski Reviews Russian Opportunities

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

In this interview, Stan reveals his unique approach to business in Russia and why he will only engage deals on a personal level. Stan also shares his secrets for initiating business with some of the largest Russian industrial structures. Stan brings 30-years of business experience to foreign investors from Europe, Asia, North and South America.

"I have been in business for over 20-years in Russia and I can assure you that Stan is the man for getting things done." - Tate Ulsaker, Founder Direct INFO

In this unscripted, unedited interview, investors will not see slick advertising or sound bites. Instead, you will get a true sense of partnership and representation from a genuine man of experience and knowledge who has successfully supported investors like you in industries like yours. Any investor that wants a stable return on their Russian investments will want to investigate further.

Whether you are interested in manufacturing partnerships, greenfield, brownfield, acquisition targets or trading arrangements, it always pays to investigate your options because solid representational support in Russia is both rare and required.

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