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Conduct Your Own Market Research for Opportunities in Russia

Posted by Tate Ulsaker on

Russia is once again an underrated investment opportunity destined to become a wildly popular international business hub as it has a number of times in the recent and ancient past.  It doesn't take a lot of money to discover how much opportunity is available to your business in Russia.  In fact, you can do it easily, and for free.

I represent an active market research company in Russia.  I founded Direct INFO in 1997. In this short article I will give you some simple steps towards understanding your potential in Russia very quickly.  Anyone can conduct valuable market research very quickly and effectively.  Find out more below...

Finding great investment advice on Russia is easy. Locating insights relevant to your market sector is also just a few keyword searches away. Also useful, understanding how sanctions and Russia's response to sanctions have brought the entire Russian economy into a position of self-sufficiency that few other countries can match today.  If the Russian soul is a mystery, the Russian economy is not so mysterious. As with everything in business, practical simplicity is often the best first approach.

Things to try beyond keyword searches and reading:

  1. Find a company that resembles yours with experience in Russia, ring the CEO and ask for 10 minutes of interview time or a brief email exchange.  Oftentimes, the higher you reach, the friendlier the response.
  2. Find a distributor or manufacturer or a sales unit that specializes in your product or offering in Russia.  Ring a manager of that business unit.  Chat about his / her experiences and ask for leads on others who know more specialized information concerning your specific offering.
  3. Go to Russia on a tourist visa, meet potential clients or partners, get as many pertinent answers as you can from each one for dynamic use in statistical analysis and also follow up sales approaches.

There are many things you can do for free or with very little money that can bring millions in revenues or savings.  Just ignite your passions and let yourself go towards discovery.  And when you think you know it all, give us a ring and consider tasking us with a very short research on a competitor ranking or a holding network or a distribution map.  If you learn a lot from a research report, it will be money well spent on education. If you learn a little, it will be money well spent on confidence.  If experience is any guide, you won't learn just a little :-)

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